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Decision of Faith

2012 1 Hour 53 Minutes Drama HD PG
When tragedy strikes the Miller family, each member becomes shaken and confronted with life-altering decisions that test their unity and faith.

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Fingerprints of the Flood
Fingerprints of the Flood
What truly makes this educational and "experimental" to the film industry is the first of its kind, global time animated map of continental origins that utilizes the entire surface of the planet. This film is an absolute game changer in the geologic field by cartographic excellence. It is intended to enhance "Earth Sciences 101", unveiling the evidence that leaves no possibility to ever return to the use of the Pangea notion (or its dynamic earth predecessors). Discovering the geologic origin for the South Atlantic Anomaly produces a new model of continental origins contrary to the Pangea Model of Plate Tectonic Theory. It not only supersedes the Pangea Model based upon the latest evidence, but also proves the one time global catastrophe known as the great global flood of holy writ. The conclusive evidence of the barrier between Africa and South America, makes any debate simply academic at this point. Over a decade of intense research went into this project that truly adds to the data base of human knowledge. By strictly following the "World Magnetic Anomaly Map" as a guide and confirming the compositions and depths, the base 4K animated map of continental origins took over 3 years to compile.