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The Story

10 Minutes Drama, Short HD PG
The Story Short Drama

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Mi Hijo, Mi Salvador
Mi Hijo, Mi Salvador
"From the makers of the award winning biblical dramas Road to Emmaus and Come Follow Me?comes My Son, My Savior, a powerful portrayal of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his mother, Mary. My Son, My Savior imagines Mary? childhood, growing up in a strict Jewish household, celebrating the annual feasts such as Passover and hearing the prophecies about a coming Messiah who would redeem Israel. ?Little did she know the vital role she would play?in the fulfillment of those prophecies. Using the Gospel accounts as its framework, we see how Mary responded to the events of Jesus' life and how her understanding of Jesus?mission grew over time. The film is created to be a powerful evangelistic tool, bringing the Gospel story to life?from a unique perspective."