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Allegiance - Walking with the Dead

2016 1 Hour 17 Minutes Documentary HD PG
This documentary/drama tells the true stories of four people who leave ancestors to follow Jesus and speaks of the repercussions of their decision and how they dealt with it. The film takes the format of interviews interspersed with dramatic reenactments and is divided into 5 chapters.

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A World Without Orphans
A World Without Orphans
What??? ?rphanages create orphans.?- it was a quote from missionary Steve Saint. I had visited orphanages overseas. I knew people who ran orphanages. Could it be that orphanages are not good? The more questions I asked, the more I realized that the church ?while very well-meaning ?is part of the problem. But the church is also part of the solution. There is a small group rumbling about the changes we need to think about ?to think about children who belong in families. Can we rethink the way we care for vulnerable children? There are no orphans in this documentary, no children wistfully looking at the camera. It is a conversation, a discussion by people on the front lines of orphan care. It is meant to encourage the church to dialogue about its role in the pursuit of a world without orphans.